This is the Thompson School District's (Loveland, Colorado) wikispace for the Elementary Spanish Programs.

Current Programs:

Coyote Ridge

Resource Wiki for Early Language Learning
Teachers in the model FLES (foreign languages in elementary schools) program adhere to certain guidelines when planning and conducting their lessons. These guidelines, which informed the creation of this curriculum, include the following:
  • Use the second language 98–100 % of the time
  • Teach around a theme/content-based
  • Help students understand the language without translating
  • Provide a language-rich environment that presents vocabulary in context
  • Include meaningful culture in every lesson
  • Reinforce concepts from other classes in the foreign language class
  • Use authentic songs, games, stories, and rhymes
  • Incorporate reading and writing skills
  • Plan varied lessons that appeal to differing interests and learning styles
  • Provide the students with opportunities to talk about topics that are meaningful to them
  • Assess students' progress on a regular basis, using a variety of methods
  • Maintain open communication about the program and about learners’ progress with parents, fellow teachers, school and system administrators, and the general public

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